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Ahuzat Neve MidbarAhuzat Neve Midbar
Neve Midbar, the hot springs/baths and spa area of the Negev is situated in the heart of the desert sands, just a 4 minute journey from the Mashabim Holiday Village.

AttractionsRecommended Attractions Guide
The world of desert experience with which our region abounds is rich and full of interesting content throughout all the seasons of the year.

WineriesWineries and individual/isolated farms
Wineries and individual/isolated farms

Hotel Mashabim
Kfar Nofesh Mashabim

Recommended Attractions Guide

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The world of desert experience with which our region abounds is rich and full of interesting content throughout all the seasons of the year. Here you will find Nature in the raw, interspersed with creeks, caves,  isolated/individual farms, desert animals, an ancient caravan track along  the Spice Route, jeep trips, bike tracks, unforgettable aromas and tastes that will cause you to become intoxicated with the desert. We have collected for you all the choice attractions, so that you can easily discover the desert for yourself.  All that remains is to enjoy….

Ahuzat Neve Midbar - The hot springs/baths and spa area of the Negev. At the center, stands a magnificent structure with ponds filled with thermo-mineral water, rich in salts, sulfur and magnesium.  Here, the recently inaugurated “Desert Spa” was opened, providing a variety of treatments, massages, beauty treatments and more. Other facilities: Sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, lawns, meat restaurant, dairy cafeteria.

Eyal Shani  - Meditation and Tai Chi. 08 6532237
Orlya  - Alternative Treatments. 050 9800069
Gil and Shlomit Yaari  - Shiatsu , Reflexology. 08 6532147
Assaf and Shir Arbel - Lotus Chinese Medicine, Bach flower remedies, Reiki and healing. 08 6579453

Studio bar at Ashalim  - Art gallery and workshops.  050 3340772
Carmey Avdat  -  Iron and ceramics gallery. 08 6535177
Al Harosh Gallery - Souvenirs and ornaments. 08 6560430
Chen Bamidbar Gallery - Creation and sale of knick-knacks from glass and iron. 08 6580348
Benzi Mazliah - Sculpture. 08 6572448
Nitza Bar - Studio and gallery for ceramics at Midreshet Ben-Gurion. 08 6532335
Rachel Zadok - Ceramics workshop at Kadesh Barnea. 054 5550870
Nahal Hawarim  - Tourist olive press. 052 2867489
Nekudat Chen in the Desert  -  Ezuz the wizard and the clown -  recycled serviceable art.  050 5646277

Hai-Negev on Route  222 at Revivim. An ecological village built from mud where there is a zoological garden desert with a variety of animals. The village offers desert accommodation, a tour around the village in a mini train, creativity workshops.  08 6562688
Edward Filipov Honey House on Route  40, at Kadesh Barnea. A transparent beehive that demonstrates the activities of the bees and the production of honey.  A gallery of products made from honey and souvenir shop. 052 3927085
Dreamers – A Love Story on Route 40, at Kibbutz Sde Boker. Audio visual show directed by Nissan Belkin, describing the establishment of Sde Boker and tracing a couple from the group of founders. 08 6560469
Nature Scent. A unique factory for the production of natural and organic cosmetics and soaps and air-freshener products. A place of interest to children.  In the yard, a spice garden in the permaculture method. 08 6539333
Alpaca Farm. A guided tour of the Alpaca and Lama breeding farm, corners for animal stroking,  rides for children on Lamas or ponies, factory for producing Alpaca wool and creativity workshops. Horse treks. 08 6588047
Negev Camel Ranch – Gila Ariel Ullmann on Route 25. Next to Dimona.  A one-hour camel ride every hour. No need to coordinate in advance. Two-hour trips and up to two-day safari trips must be booked in advance. Entrance to the ranch is free. 08 6552829
Shivta (free of charge) on Route 211. Declared by UNESCO a natural heritage site - an ancient city along the Spice Route. The ancient architecture was preserved since its construction 2500 years ago. Around the city are orchards, a restaurant and special guest rooms. 050 7383802
Nitsana’s Curves (free of charge). A scenic site on Route 211. A tour route at the site passes through low chalk hills resembling the curves of a female (hence, the name of the site). 08 6561435
Golda Park (free of charge) on Route 222, next to Mashabim Junction. A park area of around 1,000 dunam. A large lake, expansive lawns, large trees, picnic facilities, benches, drinking points and biological toilets. A wonderful place for recreation in the bosom of nature. 
Mitzpe Hagai (free of charge). A beautiful scenery observation point on Route 40, adjacent to Halukim Junction.
Haroeh/The Shepherdess Parking Area (free of charge). On Route 40, in the name of the late Barbara Popper, a member of the Kibbutz who was murdered there during the initial days of the kibbutz. At the grove, an exit point for bike trips, water and picnic points, parking for the night and playgrounds and toilets may be found.
Yeruham Park (free of charge) on Route 204. Extends over around 3,000 dunam. Lakes, large grove, grass and shady corners, picnic tables. Bike riding is permitted in the park area.